As specialists in government funding and recruitment, AGB provides a unique combination of expertise in tackling organizational challenges. Our customer experience is centered around fostering a long-lasting business relationship that goes well beyond the acquisition of government funding or the placement of new recruits. AGB prides itself on having built a multidisciplinary and holistic network of professionals, public funding entities, and talent. It is through these networks and expertise that we seek to provide value to all of our partners and clients. 

AGB's partners play a crucial role in streamlining the application process and expediting the delivery of program results These relationships provide your business with a significant practical advantage.

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AGB will align your business with the necessary funding and talent needed to meet your business objectives.

Government Funding

AGB helps businesses acquire federal and provincial government grants and tax credits. Our approach involves an assessment of your company's eligibility for various funding initiatives, in order to secure the proper foundation for filing a successful claim.


AGB is dedicated to aligning talent with new employment opportunities. It is our belief that qualified talent is not simply measured by how a candidate's experience and competencies align with a job description. Compatibility with our client's corporate culture is of equal importance.

AGB operates in industries where government funding is abundant and where there is a significant talent gap.



The Canadian technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) landscape is evolving at a remarkable pace. These past few years have paved the way for emerging technologies, applications, and channels that target new demands. In turn, companies are required to reevaluate their business models and strive for innovation in order to adapt to a competitive marketplace.


Despite a recent increase in Canadian manufacturing, this sector is one that has seen the largest decline in output in comparison to other developed nations. In response to this, both  the federal and provincial governments are seeking to stimulate the industry through substantial financial incentives. In building a more competitive local business environment, the goal of bringing long-term benefits to Canada is materializing.


The once prominent Canadian apparel industry has suffered substantially as a result of increased global competition and a shift of dynamics in the global economy. In this context, effective supply chain management, consistent innovation, and a keen eye for emerging trends are all factors that seek to push the industry across international borders.

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