Funded Initiatives

Startup Financing

Get funding support to kickstart your operation as a young business seeking to lay the required foundation to grow your company. Some admissible costs include: Salaries and wages, professional and contracting fees, marketing investments, capital expenditures.

Hiring Employees

Get funding support to cover a significant portion of new employee salaries and payroll expenses through salary subsidies. Admissible costs include salaries and wages. Post a job so we can help you find candidates whom are eligible for salary subsidies.

Workforce Training

Obtain financial incentives to help train your employees on the implementation of new enterprise software, such as ERPs or CRMs or other essential workforce training initiatives. Admissible costs include: Employee payroll hours dedicated to offering and receiving training and external professional training fees.


Acquire financial support to help expand your business outside of Canada through trade shows, partnerships, prospecting missions and market research. Admissible costs include: Airfare and accommodations, marketing adaptation and development, legal costs and market Research.

New Technologies and Innovative Projects

Get funding support to help reduce the cost associated with scientific or experimental development, and securing intellectual property. Admissible costs include: Salaries and wages, professional fees and market research.

Capital Investments

Get funding support to cover high capital expenditures related to expansion, modernization or enhancement of production. Admissible costs include: Buildings and property, specialized equipment and machinery, and intellectual property.


Our Approach


Phase 1 - Business Diagnostic

Discussions with key members of core departments to assess business growth initiatives, human resource management processes, and energy sustainability practices.


Phase 2 - Implementing a Grant Strategy 

A collaborative effort between AGB and the client to establish a strategic implementation plan that aligns the client’s objectives with budget openings and program requirements.


Phase 3 - Program Screening

Regular communication with government agents, both electronically and in person, regarding applications to be filed and submitted by AGB on behalf of the client.


Phase 4 – Application Process & Follow Up

Active involvement in all follow up and after work required by government representatives and their respective funding bodies following the submission and approval of an application.