A cornerstone of our business is the belief that a qualified candidate is not simply measured by how their experience and competencies align with a generic job description but also by the way in which they fit within the company’s core culture and values. We are dedicated to aligning talent with new employment opportunities.

Keeping in mind that over 46% of employees in Canada are dissatisfied with their current jobs, we seek to ensure compatibility between referred candidates and potential employers in order to ensure both higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.


  • I was starting to lose hope in finding qualified talent. When AGB stepped in, they really took a huge load off of my shoulders. Couldn't be more thankful!
    — HR Director, Travel Wholesaler and Tour Operator


Whether you are looking to fill a job vacancy or seeking to expand your workforce, AGB takes an active role in sourcing, screening, and qualifying potential candidates.

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Whether you are unemployed, underemployed or simply in search of new and more challenging opportunities, our mission is to improve your job satisfaction.

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