referral program

If you know someone whom you think is unemployed, underemployed, or dissatisfied with their current position, simply refer them to one of our advisors. If your candidate is hired, you will be awarded $250 within 30 days of their hire date.

Terms and conditions

To be eligible, the referral must meet all of the following program criteria, without exception:

  • The referral must be submitted electronically via the 'Referral Program' page on our website ( before the employment contract in question is signed.

  • In order to validate a referral, AGB reserves the right to contact the potential candidate to receive attestation that they were indeed referred by the referring party in question

  • The employment opportunity given to the referred candidate must derive directly from a working relationship between AGB and the employer.

  • AGB reserves the right to refuse the remittance of any and all commission if the terms and conditions of the program are deemed to be violated or not respected in any way.

  • AGB reserves the right to modify and/or dissolve the program at all times.

Please fill out the following form to submit a referral

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