Funding incentives

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED)

Covers expenditures related to a project that attempts to promote technological innovation, advancement, and reduce uncertainty within a given industry. Admissible refundable costs include: Salaries and wages, contracting fees, and work materials used.

Design Credits

Covers a portion of costs related to employing industrial designers, fashion designers, and pattern makers working on a specific project. External sub-contracted designers also qualify for the program. Admissible refundable costs include: Salaries and wages, and professional and contracting fees


Covers the labor associated with development of a B2B e-commerce platform and the production of multimedia titles (i.e. gaming and e-learning), respectively. Admissible refundable costs include salaries and wages.


Our Approach


Phase 1 - Validation of eligible projects, activities and costs

Determine whether the intended project and foreseeable expenses fall within the scope of admissibility of the program.


Phase 2 - Preparation of technical report

Draft a proposal and a business case that covers the entirety of eligible work, and aligns with program requirements.


Phase 3 - Preparation of financial reports

Organize the necessary and supporting accounting documentation. This may include, but is not limited to invoices, written contracts, T4 payroll, time sheets, and tax returns.


Phase 4 - Support for audit and verification processes

Ensure that the claim, which includes the project scope and supporting technical and financial documentation, complies with Canadian and provincial tax rulings and regulations.